Monday, March 29, 2010

Accessories: Spicing up your Medieval Clothes!

Whatever event you’d be attending, there’s always a possibility to reinvent your current medieval clothes! If you design your own clothes, then its always possible for you to add something to it to reinvent it- either a cut here or there or a new embroidery at the side. But if you buy your clothes online, you might just want to resolve to accessories to spice up your current clothes.

If you plan to accessorize your clothes but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of the top five best accessories you could use:

  1. Necklaces
  2. Belts
  3. Pouches
  4. Earring
  5. Hoods

These accessories make your costume look more realistic and add a touch of medieval history to your set of clothes. In addition to these, men could also choose to add garters to their hosen; garters are either leather or woven.

Hats are also a good idea to add to your clothes. Simple hats such as the ones worn by peasants from long ago, that are woven from straw, are a good idea to add as an accent to your clothing. It’s not unlikely that even noble men and women use straw hats once in awhile. These are cheap and are very easy to find, not costing more than a few dollars. There are also medieval hats made out of black felt, popularly worn by pilgrims. This could even be further customized by adding badges.

Women could also further personalize their appearance by adding flower garlands in their hair. Flower garlands are extremely popular among young girls or unmarried women who love the simple and yet beautiful accent of flowers.

There are alot of accents and accessories you could use to improve your general appearance. From basic household items to small but cheap items you can buy off stores, there are always ways to customize your clothes. You can even pick-up a few accessories from costume shops, and if you’re really feeling lazy, buy off ready-made costumes that are complete off from online medieval costume sellers. But remember that there thousands of ways to customize, reinvent, and even stretch the boundaries of ordinary medieval dress.


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Important Tips To Save Money Before Designing or Buying Medieval Costume

If you’re planning to attend an event that features medieval costumes and can’t seem to find the perfect costume, don’t fret! While buying medieval costumes might not seem to be an easy task, there are alot of options you can choose to get that perfect medieval costume of yours.

But before anything else, you should understand that medieval costumes aren’t exactly widely available. While costume shops do have a few on stock, the options from which you could choose from aren’t plentiful, since the demand for medieval costumes isn’t as high as wedding dresses or tuxedos.

If you’re looking for costumes, one place that’s best to check out are designers. Most of the time, designers are more than glad to take the problem out of your hand by providing you with custom-made costumes, which is really neat if you want to stand-out and make sure that you won’t be worrying if someone else might be wearing the same thing as yours.

The problem with designers though is that they’re fees are not cheap and aside from paying for the materials to be used, you would have to pay for their fees as well. Not exactly a good idea if you’re just attending for the thrill and you don’t have a big budget for the event. Moreso if you don’t really want to burn your pockets with the cost of the costumes alone.

And because most of us cannot afford hiring a designer, the best option would be buying medieval costumes from online merchants. The good thing about this is that you have alot of options to choose from, since designs are available outright and you’re sure that stock is always available. And unlike going for designers, you only have to pay for the price of the garment itself.

Another thing I love about online retailers like is that they live and breathe medieval costumes. Unlike designers, buying from online retailers that specialize in medieval costumes means they have been in the business for years and they know what goes with a particular costume. After all, the least you would want to happen is to be mistaken for a wicked witch when you were maid Marion all along.

Always remember that the fun in attending festivals and themed-events begins the moment you start looking for the perfect costume to wear. It doesn’t go that the more expensive your costume is, the better the experience will be. Sometimes, the cheaper costumes are better.


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Medieval Costume: Why Buying Medieval Costume is better!

A personal choice of mine everytime I hear of an interesting renaissance festival is to buy my own costume. Not only is buying medieval costume a better option in the long run, it is also cheaper, and if you know where to look, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. But unlike me, many are still confused between buying medieval costumes and having one designed for them.

So if you’re still undecided, here are some advantages of my buying medieval costume is the better option!

They’ve got designs

Costume shops or even retail stores that offer medieval clothes have designer catalogues most of the time. Because they specialize in medieval clothes, they have a catalogue of what they have on stock and there are literally hundreds of designs to choose from. That way, you can easily see how the clothes look and you could decide which you think look good on you and which don’t.

They’re cheaper

Online retail stores like are cheaper too. That’s because they produce dozens of the same costume. Hence, you won’t be paying for the ‘design’ and you could use the extra savings you get for purchase of additional accessories.

They live and breathe medieval

Online retail stores live medieval because they specialize in it. Hence, they could present you with a guaranteed list of medieval clothing. Plus, they put effort into studying fashion of the medieval period through artworks, paintings and sculptures. They know what they’re selling you, so you’re pretty sure you won’t look out of place.

They could offer suggestions

When buying medieval clothes, the dressing up part doesn’t end there. Sometimes, you would have to ask for accessories to complement your wardrobe or to add that distinct glamour to what you already have on. Online specialists can exactly do that because they know what looks good and how it should look, in the first place.

And if you still don’t know what to wear, there’s always help to guide you in picking your perfect wardrobe. If not, there are dozens to choose from, so you’re not just stuck with what’s given to you!


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